Miffy Lamp

The rabbit Miffy is now available as the perfect bedroom lamp for your child. Just like Miffy herself, the lamp gives security with its pleasant, warm light at night and stands neatly on the bedside table during the day as a cute decoration in the children's room. But not only is Miffy cute, but also stylish and can fit into just about any room, no matter what your child's personal style. Miffy can also come as a wall lamp and is available in several different sizes; Miffy lamp mini, Miffy lamp xl or something in between. If you are looking for a gift for an upcoming birthday or christening, Miffy is always a safe bet. With quality, style and charm at a good price, one of the Miffy lamps is without a doubt among the best gifts you can give to the little one on that special day. Take a look at our range and choose which one fits best!