Ball pit at home for children & babies

Here you will find some of the most popular ball gardens in the world right now with models for both babies and children. The ball sea and the balls are available in several color combinations to be able to fit in with toys and furnishings in the children's room. 200 plastic balls in a sea of balls at home make any child happy! Let your child play freely and safely in this fantastic play pool.

The products are CE marked, which means that they comply with the EU's basic requirements for health, safety, function and the environment.

Always good prices when you choose to buy a ball pit for your child

A ball pit is a fantastic toy for children. It gives the child physical stimulation, it increases the desire to play, it stimulates the imagination and it is welcoming as a result of all the colors of the balls and the soft material that the ball pit  in question is made of.

For a parent, we can say that a ball pit in the home is a safe place for the child to stay in. The balls are made of plastic that is CE-marked and the body itself is also made of a material - foam rubber - which has CE-marked . The foam rubber stands firmly and prevents the ball sea from tipping over; at the same time as it is easy to carry and thus enables movement to other rooms. The cover itself is made of velour, which is not dangerous for the child either. Of course, the cover is possible to pick off and wash in the event of an accident.

In short: if you buy a ball pit for your child, you as a parent will get a lot of pleasure as a result of the joy the child will feel daily. This also applies to the very youngest: a ball pit is also suitable for a baby - but then you as a parent should of course be a little more on your toes and keep a watchful eye during playtime.

Let your baby sit down in the ball pit and squeeze, feel and explore every single exciting little ball. A guarantee for a like rocket on Instagram, we guarantee it.

Ball pit at home - a stylish interior detail

Many people want to create that little extra in the children's room. Something that is not the easiest. Styling and children's play rarely go hand in hand and it can be difficult to find a balance between A) giving the child all the conditions to be able to play exactly the way the child wants and B) getting a nice, fresh and inviting children's room that fits well combined with the rest of the style in the home.

A ball pit fits well into this and should be seen from both an interior design and a play perspective. The former can be explained by the fact that there are lots of colors to choose from among the current ball sea frame and partly also regarding the balls. This means that a ball pit at home will not interfere with the other interior design style in the children's room without the direct opposite being possible: you can match a ball pit completely to the style you have and you can also change everything by ordering new balls in other colors .

What fits in your home? Is it a sober ball pit in imitation marble filled with golden and silver balls or does it fit better with a light gray ball pit complemented by gray and white balls? There is a gigantic selection and it's just a matter of finding your favorite.

A larger ball pit for more children

The size of a ball pit is also variable and here it is advantageous to base your choice on how old the child is and also on how many friends can be used. A smaller ball pit is ideal for the small family and for a baby, for example, a larger ball pit at home will suit the family with more children and a larger social circle.

It is clear that a ball pit at home will make the next playdate much more exciting, playful and where the imagination is given space to flow freely. With this toy, your home immediately becomes the favorite of all children.

Questions and answers

How many balls are included with the ball pit?

The amount of balls that are included depends on the size of the ball pit you buy and whether you buy separate balls or a package price. Most of our ball pits are available to choose from with an option of between 150 - 450 balls. You also have the option to buy for packages with extra balls in 100-pack or 50-pack.

What colors are the ball pits?

One of the great advantages of a ball pit from Babylove is that you can take complete control of the aesthetic without compromising on the playability. Our ball pits can be chosen with ready-made mixtures of single-colored, mottled or mixed ball pits. The color scales range from somber gray and metallic shades, marbled effects and full-color black and white. For more color, there are also different sets of pastel colors that can be purchased in blends.

If you want to decide completely yourself, you can order which colors and which number of each color you want. This means that there is an endless possibility to adapt the ball pit to how the remaining color scale in the room interacts with the ball pit and makes it an extra interior detail in addition to a given playground.

How big are the ball pits?

Ball pits are available in several different designs, both in terms of size and shape. The most common size for the round ones is 90 x 30 cm, but it is also available in 90 x 40 for a little more depth. The rectangular ball pit has a dimension of 90 x 90 x 30 which provides plenty of space for friend play.

Which ball pit is best?

Since the possibilities with size, colors and shape are endless, you do not have to ask yourself which ball pit is best. Instead, choose what works best for you. The ball pit should suit both your family and the child's room. Enjoy the opportunity to be able to adapt the child's most fun play activity to the aesthetic wishes you have for the children's room.