Personalized christening gifts

For many families, baptism is a very special and solemn occasion in life. Perhaps especially for the parents, because the child is so small that he will not remember the baptism when he gets older. However, the child can have a relationship with the baptism through personal christening gifts that last. As the child can take with him up to adulthood and think "just that, it was the one I got from my aunt as a christening gift".

Giving away a christening gift is not like giving away any gift. They should preferably be extra personal. Preferably an original christening gift with a special design or some kind of engraving that clarifies that this gift was intended just for this occasion.

On this page you will find several options for such christening gifts with personal design. Here are products that you can engrave both name, date and context on. So that the child can carry the baptism with him forever.