A good baby gym stimulates development and play, and the baby lies softly and comfortably on both back and stomach while they have fun and colorful toys to feel and look at. With us you will find several different models, with good functionality and unique design. They are all of high quality, as we are very careful in our choice of suppliers and partners. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Baby gym - which age is best?

A baby gym gives the child important and imaginative stimulation and also a comfortable position to lie in. If you place your child in a baby gym, it lies securely on its back and can always fiddle with the interesting toys that dangle above its head - each of These toys come in different colors, shapes, they are hard and soft and where some may make fun and interesting sounds.

A baby gym is a good thing to invest in and research shows that baby gyms work best for babies aged two months and up. However, baby gym and age are individual: some children become interested in the baby gym after a month or so, while others only discover the excitement much later.

Baby gym in wood or a baby gym in plastic?

We should add that there is an extremely large market for baby gyms where they all have different properties and sizes - and materials. The latter is primarily about choosing a baby gym in wood or a baby gym in plastic. This therefore applies to the toys themselves. Both have advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to baby gym in wood, the big advantage is the purely environmental.

Wood is better than plastic from an environmental perspective and it is definitely better for the child if any toy ends up in the mouth. An organic wooden baby gym is preferable from a more long-term perspective. Besides, it's more beautiful! The disadvantage is that a wooden baby gym is often a little more expensive and that you do not have the same selection when it comes to change. There are more plastic toys and you as a parent can thus change toys at regular intervals and thereby also stimulate more exciting play in the baby.

This applies to the toys and not the position itself. Even there, however, you can make the choice between plastic and wood and there you can with advantage see durability and longevity: something that definitely speaks in favor of wood as a material. It is a more stable material, quite simply. Another important thing to focus on is the mattress. It should be comfortable and easy to wash in the event of an accident. At Babylove you will find baby gyms in all sizes, colors, materials and shapes.