House bed Children - Safe & at the same time beautiful house beds

Longing to sleep is perhaps more of an adult thing, but with an exciting house bed for the children's room, even the younger ones are attracted to sleep.

At you will find several different options for house beds for the children's room.

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  • Safe and at the same time beautiful house beds
  • With the house bed, you lift the children's room to new levels
  • House beds stimulate play and create a warm feeling in the room
  • Completely untreated pine wood

In the past, it has been most common to build a house bed on your own. However, not everyone has the time or ability to carve a bed together and for everyone who is looking for a flexible solution, is a perfect place to start. Babylove is one of Sweden's leading online stores. In addition to house beds, we at Babylove have a fantastic range of unique and very popular children's products, with everything from clothes to furnishings to lamps and things for mothers.

Babylove is a company created out of love for children. You turn to us when you want the best for your child and when you want to create the children's room that you have seen in the interior design magazines! House beds are an easy way to give the children's room something extra and create space for exciting games and wonderful cuddles. Sleep is important for all people - especially children - and with a comfortable sleeping area that can also function as a play surface, the child can feel safe to fall asleep for the evening. With a house bed, a place is created where the imagination can flow and where dreams can begin.

Find the right house bed for your children's room

A house bed can look different. The house bed is usually designed as a regular rectangular bed at the bottom, but with an extension above that mimics a roof. But there are also the house beds where the bed itself sits on the "upstairs" of the house bed and leaves space underneath for, for example, play or storage. House beds can also be double beds, for two children in the same family or when it is time for the friend to spend the night.

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The only condition that prevents you from setting up a house bed is if the room is not large enough. But if the dimensions are right, it should be free to complete the perfect children's room.

Questions and answers

How big a house bed should I buy?

When you buy a house bed, it is crucial how much space you have in the room it should be in. Our range of house beds allows several different surface-efficient solutions if needed, but also larger models for those who have the opportunity for more airy furniture.

We offer floor-standing beds with roof formation over the bed that makes it possible to create a cozy crawl space with a canopy. Or why not leave the sleeping area on the floor, so that the roof instead becomes a tipi tent?

The size of the room and the function of the house bed determine which model suits you best. If there are several children in the family or it needs to be planned for an overnight stay in the room, there are also house beds in the bunk model. Depending on your child's age and physical abilities, you can also choose between models with stairs or ladders.

Is there a house bed with storage?

Yes, many of our house beds come with built-in storage or with optional storage. Some beds have storage boxes or shelves as part of the construction, others have a small space under the bed that is suitable for setting up storage boxes. For those house beds where the bed is a bit above ground, space is left for furniture for play and storage even under the bed and the possibilities are then limited only by the imagination.

Are the house beds easy to assemble?

Our house beds come in a number of different designs. The simplest construction consists of a roof frame that turns the floor space into a sleeping place in a cozy tipi tent. Assemble the "tent poles" and maybe buy one of the custom tent cloths and you're done.

Even with increased size and with more functions in the bed, the construction continues to be clear and stylish. With clear lines and a stable wooden frame, the bed is mounted in a few steps, which makes it relatively easy to assemble even for those who do not usually engage in handicrafts.