Cot protection - The right protection for your child

Cot protection is an important and nice detail in your baby's bed. It protects the baby from getting caught between the slats and at the same time creates a cozy atmosphere for your baby. Our cot protections are all of the highest quality and are available in unique patterns and several different nice colors. A cot without a nice cot protection is simply not a cot. Our protections are made of 100% organic cotton with a filling of foam rubber. They can be machine washed but not tumble dried but must be tumble dried to maintain color and shape

  • Ng Baby, linen bed bumper with Flounce, Powder pink
    Ng Baby, linen bed bumper with Flounce, Powder pink
    54.81 EUR 36.51 EUR
  • Ng Baby, linen bed bumper with Flounce, Graphite
    Ng Baby, linen bed bumper with Flounce, Graphite
    54.81 EUR 36.51 EUR

Cot protection in pink and cot protection in grey

On the one hand, cot protections prevent accidents and on the other hand, they fulfill a calming function for the child who can constantly turn around and be met by something soft. From a purely aesthetic perspective, a cot protection is also something positive and transforms the cot into a very nice interior detail in the children's room.

At Babylove, for example, you can choose cot protection with ruffles and you can still choose cot protection in both pink and gray. Cot protection in just gray has proven to be very popular, this with the earthy color scale that today is the given choice for many in mind.

Safer and better sleep for the baby

Now, interior design is perhaps secondary in this context. The important thing is, of course, that you as a parent can offer the child a safe and inviting atmosphere to sleep in. For an infant, that security must be there and in many ways it should be reminiscent of crawling into a warm embrace. Cot protection is important and at Babylove there are also extra thick models for that extra feeling of closeness and softness.

For you as a parent who is in the choice between different cot protections, hygiene can be a point to focus on. Is the cot protection washable - and if so, in what way? Accidents can occur and then it should also be possible to wash the cot protection in a simple and efficient way.