Family beds and children's bed

Upptäck bekvämligheten och gemenskapen hos våra familjesängar och våningssängar på Babylove. Sängarna är utformade för att ge hela familjen en plats att sova, koppla av och njuta av tid tillsammans. Med generösa utrymmen och smart design erbjuder våra familjesängar den perfekta lösningen för familjer som vill sova tillsammans.

How much weight can a family bed or a bunk bed handle?

If the children want to share a room, or when guests are visiting, bunk beds and family beds are both cozy and practical. It differs from bed to bed how much weight they can handle, and you may need to read more individually what applies to the particular bed you want to buy.

But remember that children’s beds are only suitable for children's weight, so even if you can read a bedtime story next to your child, it is not recommended that you stay there. Many bunk beds for children have a maximum weight of 45 kilos. However, a large family bed can have a maximum weight of up to 130 kilos.

Are the mattress and slatted bed base included with the bed I bought?

The slatted bed base is usually included, but to be completely safe, please check the bed's product description. Mattresses are rarely or never included, but you can easily find mattresses that fit your bed in our range. Remember to adjust the mattress to your child's weight so that your child gets as harmonious a sleep as possible.

Is it difficult to assemble the house bed I bought?

House bed is a nice addition to the children's room. The bed will be part of the playroom, and it will be fun to go to bed in your own little house. The house beds, as well as the bunk beds and family beds, are delivered unassembled in several packages, but with assembly instructions to make it easier for you.

You can assemble the bed yourself. It is not difficult, and if there are any questions contact us and we will see what we can do to help.