Wall stickers - Perfect for the children's room

Many people are surprised how such a simple thing as wall stickers can so quickly transform a room completely. With our wall stickers for children, we give you several options to make a mark on the children's room by choosing exactly the pattern and the colors you want. The selection is large and carefully selected in consultation with our customers. Our wall stickers are also very easy to put up on the wall, and they also do not cast a shadow. The material is vinyl and they stick well to the wall.

Wall stickers for children are a varied addition to the children's room

Assuming you buy high quality wall stickers, this can open up for lots of inspiration, both for the interior designer and for the child who lives in the room. Wall stickers are often made of materials that allow a tougher treatment. This means that it is easy to set up and fasten the wall sticker and then quickly remove it, change position and fasten again. It is no secret that the direction of the children's play can change in an instant and therefore wall decorations are really a good alternative when the children's room is to be decorated. At Babylove, one of Sweden's leading online stores for children, you will find wall stickers in all possible colors and shapes. Our varied range includes Rosé balloons, phrases such as "you are so loved" and friends of the rainforest, all in the form of wall decoration for children.