Children's furniture

With us at you will find the finest children's furniture online

In our range, you will find everything from sofas to stick chairs, where each part exudes design and quality and invites you to play. Here you will find solid furniture made of good materials that can be used for generations. To offer you the best of the best, we are very careful in choosing a supplier. We have some selected collaborations with well-known brands, but the majority of our furniture is handmade by carpenters at small family businesses around Europe, and is sold exclusively with us at

Our immensely popular beds are available in many different designs, where most can be made to measure so that they suit your wishes. We have everything you need to furnish the children's rooms of your dreams, but of course many of our furniture works in all corners of the home. Detail-rich bureaus work just as well in the children's room as in the hall or living room.

Ps. Of course, all furniture in our range is painted in non-toxic colors and meets all EU-specific requirements.

Furnishings in the children's room

Is there anything more wonderful than having to decorate the children's room, over and over again! The children grow and the furniture with them. In the toddler years, it goes quickly from cot to bunk bed and from the dollhouse to the desk. Interests and tastes change and sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with developments.

We choose the range of our furniture with the needs of the whole family in mind. It should be easy for the adults to provide storage space-efficiently, but it is equally important that the joy of play and the desire to discover in the children is encouraged. That's why we offer the best of both worlds. Why not a bunk bed where you can fit both play and homework underneath? Preferably also a slide as the icing on the cake!

Furniture for children

Furnishing for children of all ages comes with its unique set of challenges. It should be fun and useful at the same time. Above all, it must be safe and secure. Regardless of what furniture you place in the child's room, you can count on them at some point being tested by both energetic games and climbing adventures. A children's piece of furniture must therefore be stable in its construction and withstand stresses. Children are curious and therefore a children's piece of furniture needs to be ready for the most part. For this reason, all our furniture is painted with non-toxic and EU-certified colors.

Storage and shelves

Many people may think that the furniture in the children's room is temporary and therefore should not be costly. We think the opposite. By giving the children a good start with sturdy, functional furniture, the furniture can be developed together with your child. Areas of use can be modified as needed and with imagination and creative joy, children's furniture can become a long-term investment.

We therefore offer storage and shelves which, with their stylish and timeless design, are just as suitable for storing the nappies for the little ones as the toys for the slightly larger ones and then all the way into adolescence. Our storage is varied to offer both open and hidden storage, both to be able to show and hide based on need.

Beds for all children's rooms

We have beds for all needs and rooms. How about bunk beds for both two and three children? Or beds with storage space, beds with canoes and huts and lots of space for play? Of course, we also offer completely ordinary floor-placed beds that can withstand sleeping in and one or two jumps for that matter as well. Choose yourself how you want to use the spaces around the bed or get help with inspiration by buying one of the beds that have built-in shelves, cabinets and desks. Everything from cots, cots to junior beds can be found in one place.

Tables and chairs

Complement the design of the children's room with a set of tables and chairs. Buy a ready-made set or mix and match according to your needs. Select the furniture by function. Is it craft or tea party that is most important? Or maybe both? We have tables and chairs in several different sizes and designs. Also look at some of our stylish desks with lots of smart storage that makes it easy to keep track of the writing material and at the same time keep order.

Questions and answers
Why should I order children's furniture from Babylove?
Ever since the start in 2015, Babylove has aimed to be the first and best choice for families with children who want to invest in ultimate well-being for their children and their rooms. We choose our partners with care and we work exclusively with companies that deliver handmade products with an ecological focus. Babylove will therefore be the obvious place to find solid craftsmanship and unique furniture that gives your children's room that little bit extra.

Customization for customer
We take our assignment seriously with the child in focus and invest more in quality than quantity. We want our customers to be able to navigate our web shop in peace and quiet and find what is best for their particular home. Several of our products can be specially ordered in terms of dimensions and color to further ensure a perfect fit to your needs.

Our profile and philosophy when we choose collaborations
Babylove collaborates with Scandinavian brands that are known for quality, but also several European suppliers. Several of the brands sold on our website are those that we at Babylove have the exclusive right to sell on the Swedish market. Therefore, you can find exclusive brands and unique products that are not found anywhere else. The focus is always on being able to offer our customers the very best from the best and put a unique stamp on our range.

What brands of children's furniture can I find at Babylove?
We collaborate with about 80 different brands in children's textiles, children's furniture and interior design. Our range of children's furniture includes quality products from Oliver Furniture, Cam Cam Copenhagen and Troll to name just a few. Our range also includes several well-known favorites, such as the unmistakable graphic profile of Jabadabado. Also, do not miss our own designs from Babylove, which we are proud to have developed and been given the opportunity to market.