Shelves children's room - In different shapes and colors

Are you looking for practical and stylish storage for the children's room? Then you have found the right one. Below you will find a large selection of shelves for the children's room. Wall shelves in the children's room are a perfect way to optimize storage and at the same time free up floor space for play. However, books and large toys should be placed lower for easy access, then our floor book shelves and bookshelves for children are perfect.

In our range you will find unique furniture in many different shapes and colors. Whether you want a timeless bookshelf for your child or a wall shelf to keep the first little shoes in, you will find it here. All our wall shelves for children are as fine interior details as smart storage - all carefully hand-picked by us to offer you the finest shelves on the market.

Take a look at our range of wall shelves for children's rooms here.

The right shelf for your children's room

We have everything from small wall shelves where you can display smaller things without taking up too much space to large floor shelves with good storage options. There are low shelves where your child can easily access what is stored and high shelves that are suitable when you want to store something out of reach.

Some of our shelves have completely open planes, while others are supplemented with drawers to make it easier to remove and keep order.

A bookshelf that fits your child

Among our shelves you will find many different styles and colors, so you can easily pair them with your existing decor. We have classic bookshelves, both high and low, that fit most interior design styles. You can choose between white painted shelves or shelves in natural wood. There are also several smaller, simple shelves that look natural in most children's rooms.

If you are looking for something more different, we have shelves in different shapes, such as circus tents, trains and elephants. There are also colorful stars, bees and rattan shelves to choose from.

Use wall shelves in children's rooms

All our shelves can be used for different things. Many of them are designed to serve as bookshelves. Some have special stands for books, which makes it a good bookshelf for children to pick up and put their books back in. Short wall shelves are suitable for anything that is not particularly large, while you can place larger toys in our floor shelves.

In addition, we have many different options that are also suitable as dollhouses, which means that they can function both as storage, decoration and a toy at the same time.