How big headboard should you choose?

Many people choose to have a headboard that is as wide as the bed. For example, if you have a bed that is 90 centimeters wide, choose a headboard that is 90 centimeters. Then you know that it always fits where the bed fits, and you can easily place bedside tables next to the bed - especially if you have bedside tables that are attached to the wall.

Others choose a headboard that protrudes a little, because it is nice, and place the bedside tables in front of it. A headboard for the crib is perfect if you want to sit back when reading to your child. Then it is good to choose a higher headboard. How tall you and your child are and how tall the bed is should be taken into account when you buy a headboard.

Why do you have a headboard?

To use a headboard or not may feel like a matter of taste, but even though many people use headboards mostly because they look good, they actually fulfill some practical functions. Among other things, headboards are insulating. So if you have your bed against an outer wall, the headboard will allow you to keep the heat from the bed, and keep the cold away from the wall.

Another practical feature is that because we leave residue from skin and hair on the wall when we sleep or lean against it, a headboard can protect and keep the wall nice. It is easier to wash a headboard than to repair a damaged wall. A wooden headboard covered with soft fabric is very comfortable to lean back against.