Children's bed - Beds for junior, children & baby

Welcome to our flagship category- cribs! A child usually sleeps more hours per day than they are awake, so buying a cot is one of the most important purchases you can make. Ever since the start of, our cots have been by far the most popular products we sell. With extreme accuracy, we select suppliers who know how to deliver the little extra - because nothing else is enough for our smallest sleeping beauties.

In our growing range, there is something for everyone - cots to grow in, cots with bunk beds, junior beds and cots - always equally aesthetically pleasing, well-made and safe.

Large selection of children's beds

We at Babylove offer a wide range of beds for children. We have everything from cots for the youngest to wide junior beds for the elderly. You can choose between different types of beds for different age groups, or buy a growing bed that can accompany your child while growing up.

Our junior beds are available in a number of styles to suit you and your child. You can choose between classic, single beds, house beds with that little extra and contemporary wooden cots with a modern feel. If you want to free up more floor space in your children's room, there are bunk beds in several different sizes that allow you to place everything from toys to desks under the bed. If you are looking for something different, we have beds with fun headboards, one with a cloud and one with a rabbit, which could suit you.

In addition to form, we have beds with various functions. A cot with storage can be a great way to save floor space and still have enough space for all your child's things. The storage is then conveniently built under the bed. With us, you can choose between a larger storage box or two smaller ones. If you need more storage, there is a raised bed whose drawers are higher. You can also choose a cot with protection to make sure that your child does not fall out of his bed during the night. When you feel that your child no longer needs this protection, you can take it down and continue to use the bed without it, which means that the bed can be used even when the child gets older.

Junior beds for several children

If you have children who share a room or simply want to be ready for guests, we have several types of cots that could suit you. We have, for example, bunk beds for both younger and older children. Choose between smaller beds of 70x140 and larger of 90x200, or in one of our sizes in between.

You who do not always want more beds in front may have preferred a pull-out bed that can be made into a bed when your child has a friend who sleeps over. We have a classic bed with a pull-out extra bed that suits you who like more traditional furnishings, as well as a number of different beds with a storage drawer that can also function as an extra bed.

Beds for children - even the younger ones

We also have options when it comes to beds for younger children. Our beautiful baby beds in rattan from Bermbach give your child a feeling of freedom thanks to an airy design, while they are stable and carefully controlled. Similar beds by the same company can be purchased as cribs.

Several other cots are available in classic or modern Scandinavian styles. They all have a bottom whose height can be adjusted as your child grows. Some also have long sides that can be raised and lowered to make it easier for you to pick up and drop off your child in a safe way. They come in neutral colors, so they are easy for you to match with your existing decor.

Questions and answers

How big a bed should I buy?

A small child should have fall protection and therefore not a bed that is too big. When the child is between 1-2 years old, it is usually time to buy a larger bed. At that stage, you choose between a junior bed, cot or growing bed. When the child approaches one meter in length, you can usually buy a full-size bed or growing bed.

Choosing the right size of cot is not always easy. A growing bed is therefore in many ways superior. It is possible to adjust the dimensions as the child gets bigger. Then the bed continues to be adapted to the child and thus more cozy. Otherwise, a rule of thumb is to choose the measurements so that the child has plenty of room to move while sleeping and does not risk falling out of bed.

How long is the bed?

The children are growing all the time, so it is better to have one that is too long than one that is too short. If your child has reached school age, it may be appropriate to have a bed around 160 cm long. Of course, one must take into account that all children are different and what may suit one may not be a good choice for the other. Crib beds are very flexible because they can be adapted to the child's height.

When should you change from a cot to a larger bed?

When your child is big enough to climb up and down from lower altitudes, it may be time to replace the crib with a cot or a junior bed. Some choose the junior bed while others choose to switch to a cot immediately.

When is it time for a junior bed and for how long?

Children under one year should not sleep in a junior bed. If, on the other hand, your child has passed that age, a junior bed should not be an obstacle. You can use a junior bed until the child is about seven to nine years old. It varies slightly depending on the individual and model of bed.

What is a junior bed?

Junior bed is the bed that you change to when the child has become too big for the cot. The junior bed is more like a "real" bed and therefore it can be a little extra exciting for the child when it is time to change to this. Junior beds are available in many exciting models, so it is possible to make the change from cot to junior bed a fun event for your child. Many people who choose a junior bed usually choose a fun design that suits the child's interest.