Bed canopy children - For both the cot & the play corner

We have canopies in both cotton and linen, which are perfect for both cot and cot. A canopy can be varied in many ways - Hang it over a play mat or a ball sea to create a cozy play corner, put up the fabric with more hooks in the ceiling to create a rolling four-poster bed or let it hang down over the cot for a safe sleeping place for your tax - anything is possible.

Whether you want to create a pink fluff dream or a gray castle, there is something for all children and styles in our large selection. We have many different colors and models to choose from, all to match the rest of the interior in the child's room. A bed canopy gives the children's room a soft and cozy feeling and we have chosen to work with brands that all stand for high quality: Cotton & Sweets, Liewood, Filibabba, NG Baby, Mood, Little nomad, Jabadabado and Sebra.

Buy canopies for the children's room and create a magical place

Here at you can buy bed canopies for children in many different colors and sizes, an easy way to create that magical atmosphere that many children want. With a canopy in the children's room, the imagination is stimulated and after a while, magical dreams and games certainly await. Even if it is where it is most often used, the canopy does not necessarily have to sit above the bed. It is also possible to set it separately and create a small and cozy play area with the canopy in the children's room.

Babylove is a family business that since its inception in 2015 has had the ambition to offer high-quality products with unique designs. At the same time, we take great responsibility for choosing the right suppliers and partners, all in order to give our customers the quality they deserve.

Babylove - this is how we work:

  • We offer furnishings for the exclusive children's room
  • Experts in design and interior design
  • Only the best suppliers and partners
  • Works extensively with organic products in Scandinavian style
  • Easy to shop directly on our website!

For all parents, the safety of the child is the most important thing, and it is something we at Babylove understand and respect. That is why we make sure to always have the highest quality of our products. Many of our products are handmade.

It is the desire of all parents to create a calm and safe situation for their children. Buying a canopy for the children's room can be an easy way to create that cozy and calm feeling for your child. This way, the child's rest or play time can be extra wonderful.

Canopy for cot

Here you will find lots of canopies that fit a cot, in many different variants and price ranges. Why not buy a beautiful bed canopy from the brand NG Baby Mood that is made of genuine linen? Or maybe the slightly simpler but equally beautiful bed canopy in white from Cotton & Sweets?

Regardless of your wishes for style or design when you want to buy a canopy, you will find what you are looking for at Our wide range is an important part of our business and with us you can trust that it is easy to find what you want. Since the start in 2015, we have developed our business in various stages. Today, for example, we have a simple payment method on our website, which makes it easy for our customers to shop. The canopy for the children's room is just a few clicks away!

Email for more information about our canopies

We are happy to answer your questions and concerns. We understand that your child is the most important thing there is and we want to make sure that everything is right, from the product design to price to feeling.

Welcome to us at, your obvious choice when it comes to children's products for the exclusive home!

Questions and answers

Why should I buy a bed canopy at
With a canopy, you create a cozy and safe atmosphere for your child. The canopy is ideal when it's time to sleep. It can also be used separately from the bed and used as a cozy little play area or hut for your child. The possibilities for variation are great and so is the color selection. Our canopies on come from several different manufacturers, all of which are of high quality.

Which colors are most popular?
What color you choose in your bed canopy is very much a matter of taste. However, we can suggest that colors such as blue and turquoise are soothing colors. So if you really want to invite the sandman to the children's room, you can choose one of those shades. Otherwise, pink is also a very popular color.

How to attach a bed canopy?
You easily attach the canopy with a hook to the ceiling. When you have taken out your canopy, make sure that there is a loop at the top that you can attach to the ceiling hook. It is also good to find out what material the roof consists of to choose the right hook. Keep in mind that the child can pull the fabric to the canopy, the hook should therefore hold at least 1kg.

Why do you have a bed canopy?
There can be several reasons why you want to get a canopy for your child. One may be that you want to create a feeling of security and increase the coziness factor. Another may be that the bed canopy can also inspire imagination and play for the child.

How to wash a bed canopy?
A canopy made of 100% cotton can usually be machine washed at up to 30 degrees, but should not be tumble dried. Our canopies are of high quality and made of several different materials, such as cotton, linen or polyester. These materials have slightly different properties and it is therefore important to follow the washing instructions from the respective manufacturers.