Dollhouse furniture

Have you just bought a dollhouse for your child? Now it's time for dollhouse furniture! Does your child want a bedroom with the little extra for their doll? We have everything from beds with beautiful details to bunk beds if your child has two dolls that will sleep in the same bedroom. If your child's doll likes to dress up, a lovely dressing table can make the doll happy. But the doll also needs to be bathed. We have everything from toilet seats to bathtubs, both in simple or more sophisticated designs. We have also made sure that your child can find everything with us to feed their doll: we have equipment such as a stove and refrigerator and also a large selection of cutlery and dishes. Your child's doll probably wants to read books or rest on the couch and watch TV. Living room furniture is no exception. We have everything you can think of. Just sit down and choose which interior details fit in your child's dollhouse!