Bed mobiles that all children love

For the new members of the family, bed mobiles are usually a welcome addition. In the form of clouds and stars, the bed mobile gives a calm and pleasant feeling to the children's room.

All our bed mobiles are sewn from soft and comfortable cotton velvet and eco-leather. Bed mobiles are simple and stylish interior details that give the room a little more character and charm. In our range, you will find bed mobiles for children in several different colors.

Better sleep with a bed mobile

Why then do children sleep better with a bed mobile above them and why is sleep important for children? Sleep is vital for a child as it is during these hours that the great development takes place - everything that the child has done during the day is treated during the sleeping hours. As a parent, you should try to take advantage of this (and not least for your own sake - your sleep is of course also extremely important in this context).

There are many indications that children who have a bed mobile can also learn to sleep better. Together with, for example, slat protection and other cozy details, the bed is transformed into a cozy, safe and secure place. A bed mobile adds excitement which in turn is developing for the imagination. We would definitely say that this is a small investment that will bring great benefits to your child and its development.

We should also add that a bed mobile is a very nice interior detail that in many children's rooms acts as the finishing touch. This applies in particular to bed mobiles in earthy colors and where the toys are made of natural materials. They cost a little extra - but it's definitely worth it.