Carpets for the children's room

With us, you will find rugs that make your child's room more homely and cozy. Our rugs are of high quality, without compromising your wallet. Of course, you can use a regular rug for the children's room as well, but a good children's rug with a fun motif or color, clearly gives the room a warm and cozy tone. Also check out popular car mats from OYOY.

If you have any questions about our carpets, or any of our other products, do not hesitate to contact us.

Lovely rugs for the children's room

If you are looking for both cozy and fun rugs for your children's room, you can find several different variants with us at that make their unique mark. You can choose between both decorative rugs with an animal theme or fun car rugs that the children can play on. Our affordable children's room rugs are of high quality and will therefore withstand both play and noise.

Discover new and homely variants for your child's room and create a room that in a simple way both inspires play and creates a safe atmosphere for your children. Let color, shape and beautiful patterns be your guiding stars when you decorate.

A round & large rug for your baby room

Are you looking for a round rug? Then we have a large selection to choose from. Make your baby room cozy with a lovely Big big world rug that both contributes to the coziness factor and can be played on. This rug can also be machine washed at 30 degrees, which is an advantage when it is easy to scratch and smudge. A single-colored round rug with the entire alphabet can also be a good alternative. There, children can both play and learn at the same time. A stylish play mat with a city theme stimulates the children's imagination and allows them to create their own little village in their own room.

Sometimes you just want a large rug that covers most of the children's room. We have a nicely patterned rug, big enough to make the whole children's room cozy. The carpet is made of 100% cotton and is also easy to clean in a washing machine.

Regardless of what unique touch you want to put on your children's room, we at have what it takes to be able to design a room that feels both safe and cozy. This at the same time as it is inspiring and aesthetic. With our nice rugs, you can come a long way towards creating the child's dream room.