In a time of imminent environmental threat, you can make a difference in the small things and through changes in everyday life contribute to a better environment. For a new parent, this stance may mean that you choose to buy wooden toys rather than plastic toys. The latter can in fact contain traces of various toxins and where, moreover, the manufacturing process itself often leaves more to be desired.

Wooden toys have many advantages and even though they rarely sound or have equally clear, clear colors, they more than fulfill their main function: to stimulate the child to play and thereby develop imagination, motor skills and contribute to a healthy development in the child in question.

More personal wooden toys with name

Another advantage of wooden toys is that they often become part of the child's life - in the same way as the favorite teddy bear or stuffed animal. Even in adulthood, many can remember the toys they used as children and this is especially true of those made of wood. Plastic toys are worn and thrown away in another way and these are often discarded faster.

Wooden toys can today be bought with the child's name and this gives another more personal and - in adulthood - sentimental touch. If you as a parent buy wooden toys with names engraved, it creates memories for the children to take with them through life.