Pennants Children's Room in Fabric

Fabric pennants are a modern and popular feature in several homes in recent years. In our opinion, our pennants in fabric are a must in the children's room as they can be used in windows, on furniture, on doors and at children's beds. Regardless of location, we know that they will elevate the overall feeling in the children's room, and both you and your child will feel even better in it.

Our pennants are of course made of 100% cotton and are available in most colors and shapes, all so that you can find exactly the pennants that you like best in your home.

Buy pennants for children's rooms

To decorate a children's room with nice pennants that create a decorative feeling in the room in no time. In other words, the many benefits make them a must in all children's rooms.

In our web shop you can choose between several nice pennants for children in lovely colors and patterns. Regardless of which style you prefer, there are good opportunities to find the right pennants with us. Choose between single-colored and patterned variants - or why not mix?

Why you should shop at

  • We work with established suppliers in Scandinavia and Europe who are behind high quality
  • We work exclusively with handmade products
  • The range is predominantly made of organic materials in a unique Scandinavian style
  • We always strive for satisfied customers!

Decorate with pennants for children

The interior design options with pennants are many and they can be attached to, for example, the bed, doors, the wall, the window or the ceiling. The pennants we offer are two meters long and are easy to attach. Thanks to the fact that they are made of fabric, instead of paper, they are durable and of high quality. The pennants create a charming and playful atmosphere in the children's room and our pennants are an appreciated interior detail in many children as well as adults with the soft and colorful design.

We at do not think that furnishings and accessories for children should cost a fortune, therefore you can always trust that you always get high quality at good prices with us. We offer pennants with unique, Scandinavian design and since we work with products for children, we are extra careful with which suppliers we work with. We work with Scandinavian well-known brands such as Done By Deer and Little Heart, but also with a number of European brands where we are proud to have the exclusive right in the Swedish market.