Upptäck vårt fantastiska sortiment av solglasögon för barn. Vi erbjuder ett brett utbud av trendiga och funktionella solglasögon som skyddar ditt barns ögon mot skadliga UV-strålar samtidigt som de ser stilsäkra ut.

Solglasögon är inte bara en modeaccessoar, de är också en viktig del av att skydda ditt barns ögon från solens skadliga strålar. Våra solglasögon är speciellt utformade för att passa barn i olika åldrar och erbjuder enastående skydd.

What to consider when buying sunglasses for children?

Make sure that the children's sunglasses are adapted to your child's age. In order for your child to use them as often as possible, even when you are not right next to them, it can be a good idea to let your child be involved in choosing the sunglasses. Then it will feel more fun to wear them. Many children aged 1 to 2 may want to take off their sunglasses, but there are straps you can attach to selected sunglasses that hold them in place.

It also helps when your child is very active. Sunglasses that are CE marked are also inspected so that they meet a certain standard in use, both for safety and health. Also, be sure to choose sunglasses that really protect against UV rays.

Which sunglasses are UV safe?

To be able to filter out all harmful UV rays, a UV 400 filter is needed. Children spend much more time outdoors than adults, so it is important to wear sunglasses. This is so that the vision will not be damaged. Many eye diseases are linked to UV radiation. If you spend a lot of time by the water, or sunny days in snow-covered areas, sunglasses are very important because water, ice and snow reflect UV radiation.

So do not forget your child's sunglasses when you go on adventures together. Another good feature of some sunglasses is Blue Blocking, or anti-blue light glass, which blocks blue light from computers and other screens. Many children today spend hours in front of computers and televisions.