Few things are as cozy as when your child wants to be involved and help in the kitchen. Whether it's dishes or cooking or something in between, it's hard to say no to such a charming little helper. But to be able to participate, you often need something to stand on when you do not have such long legs yet. In our range you will find stools of high quality and stylish design. We have created the best stools so that the very youngest can also feel like master chefs next to mom and dad.

What is a kitchen helper?

A kitchen helper is the perfect aid for your child who needs help reaching up to the bench, sink or shelf. Your child grows by being given more responsibilities, such as helping to bake, wash their hands, brush their teeth or put the toys back on the shelf when it's time to clean the playroom.

A kitchen helper will make this easier for your child. The smaller kitchen helpers are not that heavy, so they are easy to move around for both you and your child. If your child is small and needs to reach higher altitudes or is very active, there are kitchen helper with guardrails, so that your child does not fall over the edge by mistake.

How long can a child use the kitchen helper?

Your child can start using the helper as soon as you trust that your child is able to walk or climb stairs, and needs to reach up to be able to do things himself. Recommended start is from 18 months. However, there is no exact recommended age for when your child should stop using the stool, but in many cases the length and the weight determine how long your child needs to use a kitchen helper.

If your child reaches the bench, shelf or sink by himself, a kithcne helper is no longer necessary, but instead becomes an obstacle. But first make sure that your child is really able to perform all the steps without standing on the helper. The maximum weight differs between different kitchen helper models, for many helpers it is 50 kg.