Moccasins - Slippers for children

With a pair of nice and soft moccasins on your feet, you can be sure that your child does not have to freeze his feet on cold floors. Here at we have several different indoor slippers for children with a nice design and high quality. Choose between lower varieties and children's slippers with a higher shaft - we have something for all tastes. Browse the selection in peace and quiet, and find your favorites.

  • Moccasins - Frozen Blue
    Moccasins - Frozen Blue
    19.34 EUR 9.62 EUR
  • Mockasiner-Swiss Cross Mint
    Mockasiner-Swiss Cross Mint
    19.34 EUR 9.62 EUR
  • Mockasiner-Swiss Cross Grey
    Mockasiner-Swiss Cross Grey
    19.34 EUR 9.62 EUR
  • Mockasiner-Mustard Chambray
    Mockasiner-Mustard Chambray
    19.34 EUR 9.62 EUR