When brothers Ken and Kai started the company Jupiduu, it was because they could not find any real children's products that appealed to them in terms of style and design. They thought they were basically just finding things made of cheap plastic and for outdoor use. They wanted to give their friend's daughter a really nice slide to use indoors on rainy days. The one in plastic did not feel good enough, and besides, they were not beautiful to look at. They needed a product in durable wood. Finally, they realized that the perfect slide for the nursery did not exist, so what do you do when you can not find the products you are looking for? Of course, you try to build one yourself. However, the brothers needed help, as their knowledge of product design and construction was extremely modest. Therefore, they were very happy to be able to hire the famous designer Ralf Scheel, who was also the father of his own daughter. The result exceeded the brothers' expectations. Ralf had created a design that combined aesthetics, functionality and joy in a completely innovative way. A Jupiduu slide will fit in any children's room around the world. Jupiduu The slide became so popular that in July 2014, Jupiduu had to deliver a specially made variant in the form of a blue whale, to Prince George of England on his first birthday.