Little Lights - wonderful handmade wooden lamps

Meet this lovely family of night lights. In 2017, we got in touch with a small family factory from Krakow in southern Poland, which creates magical light for families with children around the world.

Their story began with their flagship lamp - the sleeping fox. When they created the first project, they wanted the lamp to be a cute pet that lay near the bed and kept the child company. Our dream was that in addition to the beautiful shape, this cute animal would work perfectly as a night light - it filled the room with a warm and pleasant light - perfect for story time and during sleep.

All Little Lights lamps are made of carefully selected pine. The aroma, structure and history of the material give the night lamps a unique character. These lamps for children are built for generations, and to be inherited by the children's own children.

The Little Lights brand also means the people who put their soul and talent into every step of the creation of these lamps. A lot of fine work is done before you have the lamp in your hands.

Little Lights wants to make your dreams come true and wants to bring home a lot of colors, joy and warmth to your homes, as well as create a cozy and unforgettable atmosphere with the help of this night light.

We at are proud of our close collaboration with Little Lights and that we had the pleasure of introducing them to the Scandinavian market!