Mikael and Anja - the founders of Norwood Denmark have unfortunately given us the news that they have decided to close down the business from September 2019, which means that we can not accept new orders for their products. We at Babylove think it's very sad! But luckily we offer many other nice house beds.

Check out our current range here:

The company was founded by a recognized master in carpentry, the Danish Mikael Nordansven Olesen. The company's foundation is craftsmanship of the highest quality, and all beds are built entirely by hand. This means that they focus on the personal craft to achieve the best results. All house beds and playhouses that they manufacture are made in the company's own workshop. They use only high quality wood completely without chemicals. All for you to be able to create a safe and beautiful children's room interior. The philosophy is based on this, the beds should be beautiful to look at, while they should be safe and functional for the children who will sleep in them. The design is Scandinavian simple, which gives you the opportunity to create your own unique bed with light loops, bedding or beautiful pillows.