OOH NOO – “The ooh noo story

When talented design talents create things for their own children, magic happens.

Ooh noo was born when one of the founders became the mother of a small child. She wanted to create the very best for her child and she wanted things to suit both girls and boys. In addition, she wanted to create them in natural materials that would also last over generations, products to be inherited!

Before long, she found herself designing the bedding with the help of other members of the ooh noo team. Each item was first tested out by her family. The children made their best effort to make as much mess as possible and their mother then washed and tumble dried the bedding without mercy. At the same time, she took careful attention to see what is most comfortable and loved by her children. Only the items that survived these extreme testing conditions made it to the collection.

Today, the company makes all products by hand, not because they have to, but because they want to!

Ooh Noo's entire collection is created in the EU and is also manufactured entirely by hand. This by a small team of dedicated young designers, painters, printers and artists. When you buy a product from ooh noo, you can be absolutely sure that it is made according to "The Old Scholl Way", by people who make these products because they love them and care about the baby's best interests. Hopefully you and your child will feel this too!