Paola Reina

Paola Reina - An adorable company with adorable products

For decades, doll experts have created magic at Paola Reina and their doll factory. They have created joy for children all over the world and are a company that is constantly passionate about developing and becoming even better. The production chain is regularly improved to be able to create dolls with fantastic details and which give a feeling of being alive and real. This work has meant that Paola Reina today offers a huge range of beautiful dolls, designed so that every child (and parent) can find their own favorite. Everything from classic dolls, to more modern and dolls with motor skills. We believe that it is precisely the diversity and supply that has made these dolls available in homes all over the world.

Paola Reina has a stated goal of arousing emotions and creating magical moments. That is why you care so much about the smallest detail, everything from eye colors, to lips, to the details of the doll's clothes. Everything is equally important, and no detail can be overlooked. Everyone who works in Paola Reina's team is extremely dedicated and works with great commitment, and above all they love their work, which is of course reflected in the dolls.

For us, they were tantamount to starting to work together, and in the senate years we have helped to bring joy to birthday children, during Christmas and at baptisms. Something we are of course both proud and grateful for, but above all we are happy that we can offer such beautiful dolls as Paola Reina produces!