Mrs. Mighetto, wallpaper mural The Green Glade

32.29 EUR

Unique and fairytale-like mural completely adapted to your wall from the Swedish Mrs Mighetto. The wallpaper is like a beautiful wall painting depicting a forest glade with fairy-tale figures from Minimighetto’s enchanting world.

You can create your very own fairy tale world that your child will love, and at the same time create a children's room interior of a rarely seen kind. As wonderful on the feature wall as on all the walls of the room!


  • Non-woven paper reinforced with nylon fibres
  • 100% FSC-certified which ensures that the paper comes from responsible forestry
  • Free from VOC (volatile organic compound)
  • Soft and non-reflective matte finish with a color scheme is in pale, natural tones of green, beige and brown.


  • The wallpapers are sold per square meter and the minimum order is 3 m2
  • The mural has the dimensions H270 x W380 cm. If the wall is shorter than 3,8 m in width or 2,7 m in height, the motif will be cropped.
  • To order the right number, start by measuring the wall you want to wallpaper. Then multiply the width of the wall x the length of the wall. If the answer is not even - round up
  • For example: To wallpaper a wall that is 2.5 meters wide and 2.5 meters long (2.5 m x 2.5 m = 6.25 m2), you need at least 7 square meters
  • Add 5 cm to both height and width in case the wall slopes
  • Produced in Sweden

Designer: Mrs Mighetto

Note ! Made to order. Ordered wallpaper cannot be returned.

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